Digital Theatre Integration

Wilhelm Integrated Solutions Pty Ltd (WILHELM) is an Australian owned and operated company committed to providing high quality and innovative technology at competitive prices.

Wilhelm source products from all over the world, and ensure they are easy and intuitive to use. We believe in creating the best working environment for clinicians enabling them to achieve better patient outcomes. REM and Wilhelm formed a partnership in 2020 to provide a total operating solutions in New Zealand.

Modular Building Products

Our modular building products provide the perfect solution to standardise designs between hospital’s projects and allows hospitals to have the most hygienic and flexible theatre within a reduced amount of time.

Infection Prevention and Control

Current environmental disinfection methods are short-lived, and harmful bacteria begin repopulating the space as soon as cleaning is complete. Our clean room technology systems are proven to reduce surgical site infections and harmful bacteria in a clinical environment.

4K Digital Integration

A data-driven integration delivers the required visibility to achieve enhanced workflow efficiency and enterprise-level analytics.

Safe Patient Handling Solutions

Our Safe Patient Handling Solution is a revolutionary innovation that focuses on patient safety, clinician safety, and room flexibility. It eliminates the need to install tracks in the ceiling by integrating the GoLift track into the standard or reverse configuration of the iCE Series pendant systems.

Lights and Pendants

We offer a range of surgical lights and pendants from Wilhelm. Wilhelm surgical lights are designed for superior shadow control, increased depth of field and light intensity, ensuring the operative site is always well illuminated and enabling easy differentiation between tissues.

The braking system on their pendant lights provide the cornerstone for the pendants stability. Electric brake technology provides silent and single hand operation while eliminating the need for Med/Tool Air to operate brakes, hence reducing installation and on-going maintenance costs.