Infusion Therapies

REM SYSTEMS has been supplying hospitals with infusion consumables and devices for over 35 years. Our range includes custom designed IV equipment for infusion therapy and electronic infusion devices.

Infusion Devices

Volumetric and syringe driver devices offer state of the art touch screen technology, DERS software, extensive medication libraries and TCI syringe drivers for anaesthesia.

IV Consumables

REM SYSTEMS offers an extensive range of IV sets and accessories for infusion and transfusion procedures in anaesthesia, neonatology, oncology, paediatrics, emergency, surgery, critical and intensive care units, medical and surgical areas.

Cytosorb Therapy

The CytoSorb therapy is based on an extracorporeal blood purification procedure that can effectively reduce excessive levels of inflammatory mediators. This is intended to alleviate the excess systemic inflammatory response (“cytokine storm”) associated with systemic hyperinflammation or septic shock. Thus, the life-threatening complications of a cytokine storm can be avoided and, above all, the stabilization of hemodynamics promoted.

Palliative Care

The T34 Syringe Driver widely known as the Niki T34 is utilised for symptom management.

Pain Management

The T34 syringe driver, widely known as the Niki T34 is utilised for symptom management. REM SYSTEMS has the Bodyguard range of PCA, Epidural and Regional Infusion Devices. Available in a dedicated Yellow Coloured Colour Vision Pump for Epidural Infusions, with dedicated yellow infusion tubing. A multitherapy Colour Vision Pump for PCA, Epidural and Regional modalities. The Regional Infusion tubing is green in colour and the PCA tubing is blue in colour for easy identification of lines.