Orthopaedics & Capital

REM SYSTEMS has partnered with the leading orthopaedic companies to provide NZ surgeons and hospitals with high quality and innovative products. We provide specialised orthopaedic implants from Corin, ConMed, and MTF Biologics as well as ConMed’s comprehensive range of powered operating equipment.

Powered Surgical Tools

CONMED powered systems have been built on over 55 years of dependable power and engineering expertise. CONMED offers a comprehensive range of high quality powered systems including arthroscopic shavers, burs and ablation in addition to the HALL large and small joint drills and saws.

Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

Corin Hip & Knee technologies are designed to enable surgeons to perform patient-specific procedures and gain a unique level of insight and understanding allowing them to manage their progress and achieve more positive results for their patients.

Sports Medicine

CONMED is a global leader in the provision of implants and associated equipment for the treatment of soft tissue injuries. CONMED has partnered with some of the world’s most highly regarded orthopaedic surgeons to develop a range of innovative and reliable products to assist in the treatment of shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, elbow and hand injuries. 


MTF Biologics is a non-profit service organisation dedicated to providing quality tissue through a commitment to excellence in education, research, recovery and care for recipients, donors and their families. MTF Biologics offer a range of allograft solutions including tendons, bone,  dermal patches and osteochondral transplants.

Pain Management

Our widely used T34 Syringe Driver previously known as the Niki T34 is well known in New Zealand and worldwide to assist with symptom  management. We also offer a range of PCA, Epidural and Regional Infusion Devices both in dedicated pumps or multitherapy devices.

Infection Control

Indigo-Clean, a continuous environmental disinfection system that is a light fixture installed within the ceiling, AirFRAME or both, using safe visible 405nm LED visible light to continuously disinfect the OR environment. Utilising proven, patented technology, Indigo-Clean kills bacteria in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces, often missed during routine cleaning. SPORECLEAR, disinfectant, wipes and hand foam offers a one stop solution for effective infection control. Killing the toughest super bugs in 1 minute. Efficacy data available.